Memorialize your love one....

....with a continual & ever changing floral arrangement.


We offer an exclusive Floral Program to our families to memorialize your loved ones throughout the year.  Enrolling in this program offers families a wide variety of high quality artificial floral arrangements to fit any occasion such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holiday's- to be placed on gravesites on or before the dates you designate by our professional staff.  Christmas Wreath's are offered during the winter months.

Flowers will remain on gravesites until the next placement of flowers or until they become faded and unslightly. 

Flowers may be placed on gravesites March 1st through October 31st.  Wreath's will be placed on gravesites prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

All floral arrangements are on display in the New Funeral Home located at Ankeny Memorial.  Or, call today to get a brochure mailed to you.

For more information contact us at (515)964-0592

Floral Brochure


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